Weathervane Golf Academy and The Range Bar & Grill

Weymouth, MA
Project Size:
35 Acres ±

The Range Bar & Grill offers an indoor and outdoor dining experience overlooking the Weathervane Golf Academy and Driving Range in Hingham. The site consists of 35 acres of land, the main Golf Academy and Range building, an expansive outdoor patio and cabana, and 200+ parking spaces. Crocker has been involved in this site since the Bristol family purchased it in 2013, helping to transform the facility into the blended golf academy/driving range/restaurant it is today.

While at CHA Consulting, Gabe Crocker led a redesign and permitting effort for The Range through the Town of Hingham Planning Board, Zoning Board, Conservation Commission, and Board of Health. Since then, Crocker Design Group has led multiple permitting efforts, including seating and pedestrian circulation to address Covid protocols and change of use for storage space(s) to become a function facility. Crocker has also acted as permit coordinator in designing the future expansion of the Range to include additional parking, septic, and seating capacity.