Founded in 2018, Crocker Design Group is a fast-growing civil engineering and surveying firm serving high-end residential real estate and business clients in Greater Boston and the South Shore.

Engineering is often called the art of problem solving, and at Crocker Design, we’re passionate about that art—whether we’re at the drafting table, out in the field, or in Planning Board meetings. Our team brings a combined 200 years of experience in commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use real estate development, with in-depth knowledge of the complexities of zoning, permitting, and environmental challenges.

Our nuanced understanding of the complexities of major development projects has earned us a reputation as thought leaders and experts in the field, and we’re frequently called upon as expert witnesses. And while we’re fastidious about the details of design and constructability, we never lose sight of the bigger picture: your goals and those of the community.