Bringing major commercial and residential development projects to fruition takes a carefully orchestrated combination of detailed planning, thoughtful design, and sustained forward momentum. Our team combines a diverse set of skills, the latest technology, and a fierce commitment to quality, to ensure that every aspect of your project is executed with precision and panache.

The first step in any project is to determine the constraints and opportunities of your potential site to answer that all-important question: go or no-go? Through our exhaustive investigation and preliminary planning, we help you make the decision, and set you up to hit the ground running. Our planning services include:

  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Title and Records Research
  • Field Investigations
  • Preliminary Surveying
  • Topographic Existing Conditions
  • Flood Map Research
  • GIS Database Research
  • Utility Research
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Mapping

We approach the design and engineering process with an eye toward keeping you on budget and on schedule—but never at the cost of accuracy or elegance in design. Working in close collaboration with architects, construction companies, consultants, and others, we take the time to get every detail right, for an end result that’s fully aligned with your vision. Our services include:

  • Residential and Commercial Site Plans
  • Land Surveying
  • Stormwater Management Analysis and Design
  • Site Utilities Layout and Design (Water, Sewer, Drain)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Layout and Design
  • Site Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Roadway Plans and Profiles
  • Parking Lot and Site Circulation Plans
  • Water and Septic/Sewer Plans and Profiles
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Site Lighting / Photometric Plans
  • Truck Turning Analysis and Site Templates
  • Driveway Connection and Curb Cut Plans
  • Construction Details

Getting all the approvals you need to keep your project moving forward can be daunting, but it’s an area where we excel. Our up-to-the-minute knowledge of code requirements, exacting attention to detail, and strong working relationships with zoning, planning, environmental, and historical commissions throughout the region expedite the permitting process, so you hit your milestones on time.

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Over the past 25 years, I have worked with dozens of engineering firms ranging in size, as well as specialty. In that time, I have come to consider Crocker Design Group as a real standout in the industry. I particularly appreciate the company’s responsiveness and competence, as well as their overall attitude and commitment to problem-solving. Gabe and his team have been a pleasure to work with, their dedication to providing solutions, no matter the challenge, is a testament to the culture and ethics of Crocker Design. As a developer, I can say with honesty that they are incredibly talented and a true pleasure to work with.

Tom O’Connell, Developer
Marina Bay Management

I have worked with Gabe Crocker of the Crocker Design Group on various projects for the last five years. I am counsel to a large company that has worked with Mr. Crocker and his team on 5 or 6 development projects in Massachusetts.  In each instance, Gabe Crocker and his team fulfill their responsibilities as Civil Engineers, but in most cases go much further. If we need research on local zoning or other ordinances the Crocker team is ready to get the information we need.  If we need someone to step forward and coordinate the activities of other design professionals, Crocker is ready to fill that role and do it very well. Gabe also has the unique ability to make effective public presentations during the permitting process.  Not all engineers can provide both technical knowledge and good “people skills”.  It is a pleasure to work with Crocker Design.

Paul W. Losordo, Esq.

I’ve experienced Crocker Design’s passion for problem solving in several successful Real Estate Development projects in Eastern Massachusetts. Gabe and his team consistently go “above and beyond” to help us present our projects in the best possible light to Planning Boards, ZBAs, Conservation Commissions, and all related town government officials.

Jim Bristol, President
Weathervane Properties

CDG’s work is regarded highly by permitting authorities that we appear before. CDG invests the time to thoroughly understand each assignment and delivers solutions that are on point, on time and on budget.

Jeffery Tocchio
Drohan Tocchio & Morgan, P.C.

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