Home Meadows Lane

Hingham, Massachusetts
Size of Buildings:
Lot 1: 4,901± SF footprint, Lot 2: 2,428± SF footprint
Size of Project:
Lot 1: 1.50± acres, Lot 2: 1.15± acres

This project involved the construction of a new 5-bedroom, residential dwelling and pool on a steeply graded lot with signification ledge, and the relocation and expansion of an existing 4-bedroom dwelling on another lot. The existing house was picked up and rotated onto a new foundation within the extents of the old foundation to correct a non-conformance to the front yard setback.

Supporting site infrastructure including a stormwater management system, utilities, pavement (Lot 1), porous paver driveway (Lot 2), and landscaping. We designed a large underground drainage system that would collect runoff for both sites and filed a joint stormwater report for the two sites. CDG also navigated the permitting process with the Hingham Historic District, combining modern designs while also staying true to the historic character of the area.