McCusker-Gill, Inc.

Hingham, Massachusetts
Building Size:
30,500± SF warehouse
Project Size:
6.78 acres

We worked on the expansion of the existing McCusker Gill. Inc. (MG) facility to include the construction of a new warehouse storage facility. The building is one-story, primarily used for material storage. In addition to the building and reconfigured and expanded parking, construction included landscaping improvements, other associated utilities, and a stormwater management system.

Challenges included high groundwater, the design of a complex stormwater drainage system with three (3) subsurface infiltration systems, and the construction of a restoration area within the 100’ inner riparian zone of the Old Swamp River. The project also involved connecting to the existing 8-inch water main stub on an abutting property, extending the warehouse and parking lot extension, and connecting to the existing watermain. A permitted sewer connection to the Town of Weymouth Sewer system was also completed for the increased flow from the new warehouse, which involved coordination with an abutting town to the subject property.