I have worked with Gabe Crocker of the Crocker Design Group on various projects for the last five years. I am counsel to a large company that has worked with Mr. Crocker and his team on 5 or 6 development projects in Massachusetts.  In each instance, Gabe Crocker and his team fulfill their responsibilities as Civil Engineers, but in most cases go much further. If we need research on local zoning or other ordinances the Crocker team is ready to get the information we need.  If we need someone to step forward and coordinate the activities of other design professionals, Crocker is ready to fill that role and do it very well. Gabe also has the unique ability to make effective public presentations during the permitting process.  Not all engineers can provide both technical knowledge and good “people skills”.  It is a pleasure to work with Crocker Design.
Paul W. Losordo, Esq.

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